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What does it take to succeed?




Read how R & R (Ray & Ruby) created a sustainable retirement plan after realizing that their pensions & savings were not going to be enough to live their retirement dream. They demonstrate that you are never too old to learn new skills. Follow our journey of living "A Simpler Life". 

What does it take to succeed?

The attached picture is a progress picture of a stained glass panel that we are currently working on. It has been on our work table for a few weeks now and every day it changes as there is no pattern to follow and the final panel is for a very specific special occasion. We started the panel with a vision but with no true understanding of the awesomeness that it represents. Why would this panel, more than other panels that we have created, generate a depiction of success and thoughts of what it takes to succeed? We look at this panel and see the commitment, dedication, perseverance and tenacity that it represents. Success comes in many forms and in many ways. How people measure it and what gift they find at the end of the journey is different for everyone.
This panel is a gift for a 65th wedding anniversary. The blue jewels represent their 7 sons and the pink jewels represent their 2 daughters. The jewels encased in the diamond bevels are representative of the parents that have demonstrated commitment, dedication and perseverance and are now on the verge of celebrating this milestone.
When you stop and think of what it takes day in and day out to make something work successfully for 65 years you must be inspired by the dedication of having to “show up every day” and the stick to-it-ness that is needed to be truly successful in life.The more we work on this panel the more in awe we are of being part of this celebration. Therefore, I must say thank you to my parents for having the tenacity to “show up every day” and to have had the integrity and commitment to make 65 years of marriage work. We can honestly say that working on this panel has made us see them in a different light and hope that we bring the same type of dedication to the challenges in ou lives. We feel truly privileged to be able to create this work of art for them at this stage in their lives.

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